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PRC Laser is the largest U.S. manufacturer of stand alone high-power industrial CO2 lasers 1000-8000 watts. Combined with our sister company, Lee Laser - the largest domestic OEM supplier of Nd:YAG lasers we offer a variety of lasers for a wide range of applications.

PRC was incorporated in the mid-eighties when a team of welding engineers designing an automated welding line found that available laser technology couldn't meet the stringent demands of a 24-Hour production line. The first PRC lasers were designed from the start to operate continuously under the most demanding applications. Today PRC Lasers are the workhorses of laser welding and laser cutting applications all over the world, some of the earlier units having surpassed 120,000 hours of operation.

Engineers at PRC quickly took on the two major reliability issues plaguing fast flow lasers: 1) Circulating the laser gas for cooling without introducing any contamination from the compressor and 2) Exciting the laser gas without introducing any electrode contamination.

In 1989 PRC patented and introduced the TURBOFLOW® regenerative turbine compressor. This unique, low-speed radial turbine operates below the first critical harmonic and therefore offers a long service life without requiring periodic lubrication or maintenance.

A few years later, PRC introduced a DC electrode made from a proprietary material that does not erode even in the high temperatures and gas velocities found within a fast flow laser.

Innovation Pays Off - In the mid-1990's the excellent reliability and performance of the PRC design had become clear across the industry, and PRC grew at an incredible rate, doubling revenues in two years.

New Resources For Continued Growth - In 1996 PRC was acquired by Dover Corporation bringing PRC the capital necessary to keep up with and support this larger customer base and fast paced growth.

In 2004 PRC and Lee Laser were acquired away from Dover Corporation by Rofin-Sinar Technologies Inc., a publicly traded high technology manufacturer with a wide product range of laser products. This alliance allows PRC to continue to provide its customers with superior products and outstanding customer service, along with access to a complete line of laser products.
We supply lasers to machine tool builders as well as end-users that want to integrate a laser for their specific application. With our in-house applications lab we'll work with you to prove and develop your process.

We stand behind our products and our customers 24 hours a day. Our service hotline puts you in touch with a trained technician, any time day or night, 7-days-a-week, 365-days-a-year.