Harvey Industries, a global supplier of Harvey Machinery and many OEM brand names in the machinery market was formed on two principles; unique/innovative design and constant quality improvement. Both of these qualities are evident in the line of GyroAir dust processors introduced in 2016 and now being sold into commercial and industrial shops around the world.

The GyroAir line is now expanding with new, larger, and more sophisticated models which provide excellent shop air quality, automatic features reducing maintenance time, energy savings and a truly quiet operational noise level.

Why is GyroAir better? The patented design uses Axial Centrifugation to spin the dust particles out of the stream at high velocity rather than doing the bulk of the separation of the dust from the air at the filters. In this way, the filters operate at high efficiency for much longer. Please see the Gyro Air product page on our website or contact us for more information.