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Kleiss Gears, Inc., the ultimate solution in custom designed injection molded polymer gears. From design through tooling, molding and inspection, even gear testing and prototyping, they have developed efficient state-of-the-art techniques and tools to optimize the performance, cost effectiveness and precision of molded ploymer gears. They boast extreme precision repeatability, below 0.001 of an inch! Thats pretty darn small.

The Kleiss Difference
Kleiss Gears is a global leader in providing successful gearing systems. They dont just provide the parts Instead they offer a breadth and depth of technology and service capabilities. Whether your industry is agriculture, automotive, industrial, medical, military, prosthetics, robotics, toys, or any other Kleiss is your most efficient stop for successful gears.

They also understand the Bottom Line at Kleiss Gears. They provide their expertise and services in a rapid seamless fashion and with a philosophy that promotes superior ROI business results.